Beware sin:

The admin admitted to use old user data to making fake account to post false information about transgender and SPAMing:
The SPAM bot:

The admin allows nudity drawing of minors, and quoted a relatively loose US law to justify it:
And saying the US law is “The page is written, obviously, to scare you” and “then the law is bad”.
(The stricter law is US code 1466A, he didn’t quote it) Plus saying the admin of a website with countless sexual content of minors is a cool guy. (

The admin posted an image of sexualize minor (the original image is uncensored, without the blackout, maybe someone archived it?):

Actually there are countless hate speech towards the group so call “trannies/tranny” on since long time ago, easy to google.
(too long, better to not read it all…)

After the concept of “tranny list” is created and made by this person 7 months ago(not me, but this person copied my pedoblock concept),

the admin of freespeechextremist said is me to posted “trannylist” openly because I said I make a “trans people friend list” for friend share, but no open record of I posted it after someone said “no thanks” to me. But the admin of FSE said it’s a tor user posted “tranny list” before and slander many other events about me without evidence. (Same backup: is admitting he used old user data to making fake account to SPAM other people again, but his statement of “Response to…insisting that Jojo had HIV/several dozen warnings” is no evidence, and I am not sure why accounts on other server called “hiv” is related to his business to use fake account to SPAMing people, whatever it’s me or not actually)

(notice the admin of freespeechextremist, , suddenly really friendly towards the trans woman call eris, but he is running such a hate site towards trans people since long time ago.)

freespeechextremist user, Ponypanda made a “tranny list” (in his word) before p claimed I posted “trannylist” and before I said I made “trans people friend list”:

The admin of made and posted a “tranny list” (in his word) before p claimed I posted “trannylist” and before I said I made “trans people friend list:

(and he is the person copied my pedoblock concept)

(Sometimes I think he takes my idea again?)

The domain provider of freespeechextremist is namecheap:


Well, these contents as document should enough to stop someone thinks he can be the Gab 2. At least Andrew Torba didn’t say the person who running a child porn site is a “cool guy”.

Since there is no a mechanism in fediverse that can prevent the fans of such kind of person ( making multiple accounts to repeatedly harassment and post hate speech from different instances. I rather to leave their game quickly, cut lose in time. And I think after they found out this game works, they are going to do it to anyone for money “donation”.

Anyway, from opened data to collect a username/domain name list is nothing illegal. Such as Wikipedia, there is even a trans people list with real names on there.

Tell people to use a list to hit people, is illegal. This is the guideline of free speech. is nothing about free speech. He knows it, That’s why he keeping to use dramas to demonize the account who posted the content he dislikes.

They will do everything to ruin what has been created to exchange that a little money, for sure. There are still many targets in different instances they can find.

Actually, I feel fediverse is bored since many months ago. Maybe I’m just looking for a reason to leave, or something can push me to leave. Can’t find a person I can feel I am connected to on there. One side, it’s keeping to call people “nigger” and “tranny” to attacking, another side, it’s the users tag call “fediblock” to slander an instance (often without evidence) as group attack. And they go more and more extreme because the admin wants to use these toxic content to gain attention.

Now I think they are going to upgrade the war to be reporting domains directly…if there is anything wrong. Because they accumulated too much hate. But if there is no allowed hated towards people’s identity, they can’t even start the dream of being Gab 2 (attracting losers to join first). This is the admins pushed them. It’s going to its dead end as the dying of Linux. Because everyone are selfish.

But I am glad that I learned many things about Linux and coding industry here.

And my document of “pedoblock”- instance with pedophilia content will be still on there forever, in :

Well, if you want to kill instances on pedoblock by reporting content… to the domain provider.

They deserve it. I just speak for my heart. I don’t care you having what kind of political belief, and I don’t care it can ruin how many businesses and livelihood of people, and I also don’t care the identity political dramas start by admins for attention whoring. Just take down instance with underage sexually explicit content, thanks. I only exist in any place can allow me to speak like this.

Seem many of yours visited this page: ( , maybe you will need it later.

You can still build your own instance by my document teaching: , but I recommended you only use the allowed instance whitelist in MRF. And use it for learning only. Otherwise, they can make you to be the next target in their numerous long target list because many of them are just consuming people from another instances to gain donation from psychos, including the so call fediblock accounts.

It is okay that you leave any internet toxic social network, if there are just full of losers consuming you.

If you met these type of psychos on internet, you can just turn off internet few days, look at the sky and landscape, and you will find out they are just totally scums even don’t deserve attention.

Time to learn much better things. And new adventure!

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